Jenna Black

You know the days when you wake up with sheet marks on your face? Or you washed your hair the night before and let it air dry, and now it looks like you’ve zapped your fingers in an electrical socket?

That’s me right now.

I woke up – looked in the mirror and was like ‘wtf happened here?’

I could have easily called it a day and gone back to bed. Hidden from the world.

I could have easily dropped back into an old label that I’m ‘shy and can’t speak up’

But NO.

I am up.

Writing my blog.

About to live stream (sheet marks and all) and show up for my tribe.

But I haven’t always been this way. Actually, I still have to kick my own behind to get into higher levels of visibility.

I’m an introvert like many other entrepreneurs are.

I grew up shy – nervous, highly sensitive and empathic. I could see and feel things that the ‘adults’ couldn’t. I had an awkward time trying to fit in – and most of the time, I would be the ‘shy, nice girl.’

Until I started my own business – and just like that – BAM sister! Here comes some BS conditioning to shift through and clear!

I realised I had to release my label of ‘shy’ if I wanted to grow my business.

I had to stop telling people ‘oh I’m shy’ and stop continuing to let that be my story.

Maybe you have labels you’ve put on yourself as well?

Maybe you’ve called yourself shy too.

Or loud. Or anxious. Or not pretty enough. Or just not enough.

Whatever labels you’ve attached yourself, it’s time to let them go.

It’s time to RELEASE them and step fully into your truth.

The REAL you.

It’s time to remember who the fuck you are.

Because girl, if you’re here turning your purpose into a business, changing lives and following your soul calling…you are so much more than shy / not enough / scared too.

You are GOLDEN.

You are DRIVEN.

You are BRAVE.


You are WORTHY.


So, let those sheet marks shine, let your wild hair do its thing, and show up as YOU.

Because that IS you. And the world craves the real you.

I crave the real you.

YOU crave the real you.

Drop a comment below and tell me what label you are letting go of today. x



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