jenna black

You want the money and fuck yeah abundance vibes!

You want to be the next industry darling, to lead and impact millions, to show up in a whole new way!

You want to grow a wildly successful business by being YOU!

….but inside you’re still seeking validation.

Validation that you get to become an influential leader.

Validation that you are worthy of those 5 figure months.

Validation that you are ready to step into more visibility.

That wealth, success and leadership status, doesn’t come from a wishy washy unsure mind.

I sure as hell doesn’t come from ‘dipping your toe in’ to the next level and then hiding back away again.

It doesn’t come from second guessing if you’re ready yet.

It doesn’t come from seeking validation from others.

It comes from within.

A powerful decisive YES.

An ALL IN type of magic that announces to yourself and the universe that you are READY and WORTHY.

And you DECIDE that even if you don’t feel ready.

Even if the fear tries to hold you back. You still DECIDE.

I never once felt ‘ready’ when I up-levelled into more visibility and appointed myself as a leader. But I did it anyway.

Even with earning more money, my old conditioning would still try to keep me back ….. “you’re not worthy” “don’t for a moment think you can have that”

But I know that voice is bullshit. All smoke and mirrors.

Like a bad friend who wants to keep you in a downward cycle of self destruction with them.

But you know better, don’t you babe?

Your SOUL knows better.

You KNOW that you’re 100% worthy.

You KNOW that you’re destined to lead, inspire and transform.

You KNOW that you get to life a next level VIP life.

Because that’s just who you are.

And that comes from DECIDING and APPOINTING yourself as that person.

It all comes back to this.

So what will you decide?

To let the old conditioning continue to rule your life?

Or will YOU rule your life? Will you direct it all?

It’s always up to you.

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