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6 boss babe tips for manifesting what you want right now

May 9, 2017
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Hey boss babe, today I’m sharing some simple tips (and gentle kick in the ass reminders) to help you manifest and access abundance in your business right now.

The thing is, we’re always manifesting…every…single…second. So it’s important to access that inner priestess power and manifest like the boss you are!

I’m passionate about helping women access their inner power to manifest more money, joy and freedom into their world because once we have this power, we become unstoppable. We create a ripple effect as we share our gifts and magic with the world. These tips are helpful to come back to when you’re feeling low in energy or frustrated in your business and life.

1 – Clear space and declutter the crap out of your business and life

There’s nothing more rewarding and magical than decluttering the crap and making space for abundance to flow. You know the feeling of a good closet clean out and you bring in fresh energy into your home? Do this in your business too.

When you clear out stuff you’re physically and energetically making room for what you do want. Your beautiful new desires don’t want to come your way if they’re squashed in amongst your old crap, do they?

2 – Think, feel, walk and talk as if you’ve already manifested what you want

You know those dreams you have in your mind when you think about how freaking cool / bad ass / boss you’ll be once you have ‘x’?

Yep that. Pretend like you already have it! This is the simplest and most effective way to raise your energy to be an energetic match for what you want. Plus you’re already a manifesting priestess so own it!

3 – You can’t mess this up

What a relief right? You’re not going to mess this whole thing up. Your goal is to be clear on what you want, anchor into that manifesting energy every day, clear those blocks and beliefs that hold you back, take action and repeat.

Don’t stress or worry about whether you’re going to mess your manifesting up or whether you suck at it, because you have the power every second to redirect your thoughts and energy towards what you want.

4 – Listen to your intuition…she knows her stuff

Trust your intuition / gut / heart every single moment. What are you being guided to do? Where should you take action to work with the universe in manifesting your goals? You already have the answers within, so listen, trust and do the work.

5 – Practice a cup of gratitude every day

Being grateful is so much more than raising your energy. It’s about appreciating where you’re at right now to allow more of that goodness to come your way. What’s the cup of gratitude? It’s my little process where I think and feel into everything I’m grateful for while I make my cup of coffee or tea. Skipping your gratitude practice can be easy to do, so I like to match mine with something I do daily (drinking coffee!) so it reminds me to do it then and there.

Put on the kettle and get an attitude of gratitude on gorgeous!

6 – Let it gooooo

Finally, you’ve got to detach from the outcome of your desires. Yes it’s important to be clear and positive about what you’re manifesting but the universe may have a different (and way better) plan for you. When you’re grasping on to what you want so tightly, you’re blocking abundance coming your way.

Relax and trust sweetness.

P.s I believe in you. You’ve got this.

Jenna x

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