“$10k months” get thrown around like a buzz word these days, but I want to show you how accessible and simple it is to receive that (or whatever money desire you wish!)

Let’s break it down:

1) You could sell 50 x $200 spots in your ecourse

2) You could sell 2 x $5,000 packages

3) You could sell 20 x $500 spots in your mastermind

4) You could sell 250 x $19 books, 1 x $5,000 package and 1 x $250 ecourse

The key? It really doesn’t fucking matter, because money shows up always, in all ways if you DECIDE for it to.

Let’s now look at the ENERGY of receiving this:

1) It’s not your job to assume what people will spend or how much money they have (trust me clients have surprised me many times with how they manifest $$ for coaching!)

“I drop all assumptions and judgement and allow myself to receive”

2) That $$ can flow in countless expected and unexpected ways

“Money flows to me in all ways, all day, from expected and unexpected sources – like magic”

3) You’re worthy of it because you desire it

“I now choose to allow the universe to pour money into my life and I surrender any

and all barriers to receiving. It’s done”

4) When you show up like it’s ALREADY done and you EXPECT it, your energy is MAGNETIC

“Now that I receive $10,000 by _____, I feel____, I believe_____ and I take aligned action on______”

Stop over complicating your next money goal – whether it’s $10,000 or $1,000,000 – it’s not a big deal. Drop the worry and surrender to the money flow, babe.

It’s ALWAYS working out for you.

Jenna xo



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