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How your spiritual beliefs may be stopping you from letting money flow in

June 29, 2017

God, the Universe, Allah, Spirit, Source, the big cheese….whatever you call it, you likely have a whole host of stories you’ve been told about how you have to behave in order to stay in its good graces.

And if you are one of the “dirty sinners”, the price can de incredibly steep for your grievances. With everything from being shunned by your community to burning in eternal hell fire as your atonement.


So it’s no wonder that we carry baggage about whether we’re deserving of love, connection, abundance and happiness based off of whether or not we played by the rules.

Often, these beliefs can block us from the abundance we outwardly say we want but internally are at battle with.

Case in point: One morning I realized that I had this belief that I deserved to be broke. As I wrote it in my journal, I felt instantly confused and surprised that this belief felt true to me.

When I kept sitting with the belief and asking; Where did this come from? What is this about? A new thought popped into my head.

I deserve to be broke because I’ve had sex out of wedlock.

Wait, what!? I so don’t even care about that!

While consciously that had no merit because I was completely fine with my sex life {I wasn’t hurting anyone or doing anything deemed sleezy}, my subconscious had a different way of looking at things.

I was literally paying for my sins by blocking my own wealth and abundance because I deserved it.

The great news is that once you uncover these mental blocks keeping you broke you can absolutely change them…and likely a lot more quickly than you’d think

Here’s how: 

1. First, you have to recognize where you could be holding guilt or shame in regards the “rules” you may have broken {ex. you’re bad because you got a tattoo}

2. Question that belief and loosen its hold

Use questions like: Where did this come from? Who told this to me? How do they know this is true anyways? Is this still true for me? Take some time with this and explore what comes up.

3. Once you’ve questioned the belief enough to feel the heaviness lift, flip the script

Change the meaning so that it reflects how you want to think and feel. So money is the root of all evil becomes money is a neutral energy and a resource to do good in my life.

4. Create an abundant heartset instead of mindset

Imagine what it will feel like to be abundant. How grateful, peaceful and free you feel. Experience the full emotions of what it truly feels like to live in abundance.

Our mind’s job is to move us away from pain and towards pleasure.

When you make money exciting and something you enjoy {versus evil and scary} your mind will automatically move you towards the accumulation of it because it brings you joy.

Tell yourself your new affirmation often and watch the shift happen!

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