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10 small upgrades to create big abundance in your business

September 18, 2017

I get asked all the time “what does being an abundant boss mean to you?” And my answer is always something like this:

It’s living your dream business and life so you’re gracefully aligned to your higher purpose. It’s creating abundance spiritually, energetically and financially. It’s owning your inner magic and being in your power. It’s trusting your intuition and knowing that you’re a natural magnet for abundance.

Abundance is your natural birthright sweet lady! And luckily it doesn’t have to take big sudden movements to allow abundance to flow to you. It all starts with making small upgrades to your business to raise your energetic vibrational frequency and activate abundance. The more you can continue to do this, the more you’ll align to your natural energy flow (a.k.a being abundant AF!)

I’ve got 10 small upgrade suggestions that you can make in your business that will have a big impact on your mindset, confidence and ability to create abundance.

Ready to upgrade?


All hail decluttering! Giving your workspace a good clean out can help you create some serious high vibes. Decluttering comes back to energy – when we clean out and clear the old stagnant energy that has blocked our physical space, we open up the flow of new energy that breeds abundance. Start with a small area of your workspace today – even a drawer will do! Throw out or donate anything broken or that you no longer need….and remember, your new desires don’t want to squish in amongst your old crap. Let it go.

Hot tip: click here for a complete list of things to declutter in your business 


This is another decluttering technique that is amazing for upgrading your business. We often have offers or products that are no longer aligned with where we want to take our business. We have them on our website, sitting there, but the energy behind them is all off. We don’t WANT to sell them…so we struggle to (no surprises there!). I want you to do a review of your current offers and for each product or service you’re selling ask yourself:

‘Is this serving my vision?’

‘Do I LOVE offering this and believe in it?’

If you answer no to either, it’s time to let it go. Decluttering old offers is a simple upgrade that you can make to your business. And again, it’s all about the ENERGY you bring. The more confident and excited you are about what you’re selling, the easier it will be to sell. It’s that simple.


Raising your prices is a simple upgrade to make that will have some seriously BIG effects on your abundance. Not only are you charging more for the amazing value and gifts you bring, you’re also telling the universe ‘I am worthy’ and that my love, is the biggest upgrade you can make!

If you’ve been thinking about raising your prices and you feel resentful at your current prices, you are ready to take that step. Trust yourself. Do it. Then communicate it with ease.


Nothing says abundance like a beautifully inspired workspace! Try adding a new artwork, buy new pens and notebooks or invest in that crystal you’ve had your eye on. When you surround yourself with high vibrational objects, you’re constantly reminding yourself of the abundance all around you and this helps you to magnetise more of what you want.


Ever have those days where you roll outta bed, still in your PJ’s and then get straight to working only to realise you’ve spent the WHOLE day feeling a little low and unfocused? I know that the days when I show up like I’ve got an important meeting on (even if I don’t talk to anyone all day) are the days when I feel confident and abundant. Set yourself the goal to show up like you’re meeting your mentor. It could be as simple as changing into an outfit that makes you feel confident, brushing your hair or putting on your fave lipstick. These small tiny changes can create a big flow on effect for the rest of the day. Give it a go!


Finding yourself overwhelmed and not getting very far ahead? It’s time to upgrade your priorities. As business babes, we have SO much to do. I get it. We can feel pulled in every direction. But if you’re struggling to create abundance, it may be because you’re misaligned with your priorities. Take a moment to really look at where you’re focusing your energy. Are you working on the important tasks OR the stuff that is keeping you ‘busy’ with little to show for it? Upgrade your priority list and do the work that counts. Be unapologetic with your boundaries around your time and energy and do the work that’s important. You know what you need to do.


Surrounding yourself with other women building their dream business and life is going to be an absolute game changer for you. You can start your own mastermind for free or join a paid one like my monthly membership hub right here. Look for a community that feels supportive and aligned to your vision and go for it! You’re guaranteed to notice a big shift occur once you start getting the support of like minded biz besties.


We’ve already covered decluttering and making your workspace look and feel abundant, but if you want to upgrade your productivity and boost your confidence each day, diffusing essential oils is going to be a sweet way to do so. I recommend diffusing oils that promote feelings of support and abundance. A few of my faves are peppermint and frankincense. 


Upgrading your money mindset is something that we all need to work on because as we continue to up-level our businesses, money blocks can show up in different ways. Don’t worry – it’s normal! The key is to be conscious of your money mindset and continue to anchor into your new money story – one of abundance, ease and freedom. The best place to start with this is by looking at your old money stories and beliefs that no longer serve you and energetically decluttering these with forgiveness. This helps to clear the old programming from your subconscious. I share exactly how to do that, right here


When we’re upgrading our businesses, sometimes all we need is a small little win to create huge momentum. I always recommend doing something that stretches you a little bit out of your comfort zone, like pitching yourself for that guest blog or interview. Maybe you’ve got an idea in mind that you’d love to share but you keep putting the ‘pitching part’ at the bottom of your to do list. I want you to do it today. Go on! Pitch yourself. You’ll be feeling like an abundant boss in no time!

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