A toolbox of tips and rituals for the business babe on the rise

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My “Meet Your Inner Millionaire” audio visualisation to step fully into your next level self and make you magnetic to abundance


3 day view of my EXACT daily routine and actions during a $50,000 sales week 


11 journaling prompts for massive up-levelling, money flow and impact (what I use personally and with my high level private clients)


20 minute audio “Be your next level now” – where I share EXACTLY how I embody my desires to manifest money, soul clients and my dream business on a daily basis

These audio trainings and tools are some of the most POWERFUL I’ve EVER created!!

You’ll get access to the EXACT tools I use DAILY to consistently expand into more influence, impact and income!


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ABOUT ME – a.k.a the Abundance Queen!

Hey gorgeous, I’m Jenna – founder of Abundant Boss and a business success and abundance coach for spiritual and visionary babes in business.

I blend the mystical and the practical to help you design and grow a business and life that is profitable, aligned and rich – on every level.

It’s my mission to help next level babes like you, get seen, heard and paid for being your true self, up level into more influence + income, and create a wildly abundant business and life, you are madly in love with.

It’s time to go ALL IN on your dreams, because the world needs to know who you are.

Jenna x

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