Tell me gorgeous, what is your big dream?

Stop and think about it now. What do you want to be, do and have in your life?

That abundance you crave. The feeling of being known for what you love. Living a life that is free, inspired and beautiful.

…but that dream seems like just that…a dream.

Maybe you’ve read every self help book on the shelf, and you’re still not getting where you want to be. Maybe you’re thinking you’re a failure at this whole be your own boss thing…

Let me stop you there.

You see beautiful, you’ve got all the gems and jewels inside of you right now to create that big dream and make it a real life thing.

You are not broken and you’re not a failure. In fact, you’re the exact opposite.

You’re a divinely feminine, abundant being. An oh-so worthy woman, destined for magic in her life.

You get to decide beautiful.

You can stay stuck repeating the same experiences of struggle and overwhelm…or you can choose abundance.

It’s time to stop the tug-of-war with your inner mean girl.

It’s time to drop the money struggle for good.

It’s time to give yourself permission to be the woman you say you want to be.

If you’re ready to own your worth and upgrade your standards of what you can be, do and have in your life…I’m your girl.

I help ambitious soul-fuelled women grow thriving, feminine empires online.

As a business coach, money mindset mentor and energy healer, my dream for you is to create a business that is not only wildly wealthy – it’s abundant in ALL ways

…meaning more freedom, spiritual growth and cash money in the bank.

Are you dreaming of:

Breaking free from a place of lack with money, fully owning your worth and charging confidently for your gifts?

Being in total alignment with your purpose and vision, and better yet, turning it into profit?

Waking up daily with that ‘money can’t buy this’ inner confidence as you own your magic and completely back yourself?

A flow of dream clients and your bank account rising becoming your new normal?

Feeling completely aligned with your message and niche as you attract your soul mate community with ease?

Kicking those pesky fears to the door as you claim your self worth and feminine power?

Balancing the hustle with ritual, heart and flow to create a booming and abundant lifestyle?

Let me introduce you to my 4 month business and mindset program

Business + life after working together;

»»» You’ve had a complete money mindset makeover, as you confidently own your worth and drop the money struggle…for good

»»» Your community magnetize to your confidence and sparkling energy as you effortlessly call in more dream clients on the daily

»»» You’re obsessed with the lifestyle you’re manifesting and living because you know you have the power to turn your dreams into reality

»»» You’ve built an unshakable foundation with a business model that perfectly aligns with your lifestyle goals, strengths and energy flow #digitalnomad

»»» You work with the power of your mindset to upgrade your standards of what you can be, do and have in your life

»»» Your intuition game is on point, and you trust and back yourself more than ever before

»»» You’ve cleared the energy and limiting beliefs holding you in a state of lack and wild abundance is your new normal

»»» You’re embodying the woman you seek to become as you confidently lead your community as the go-to-girl in your industry

You’ll master the art of money, mindset, marketing, energy and focus to take your dream empire into wild abundance. I call it ‘mixing the woo with the work’ to help you transform into the highest version of you possible. 

Here’s what you’ll get:

8 x Deep Dive Coaching Sessions via Zoom 

Private Online Workspace with Resources, Workbooks and Tools

You’ll get access to workbooks and resources so you can heart-storm your big dreams and master your mindset in between sessions

Priority Email & Voxer Support 

Got questions or need some accountability asap? Shoot me an email or Voxer and I’ll be there to guide and empower you.

VIP Bonuses + Surprise Gifts

Get bonus access to meditations, workshops and trainings – everything you need to grow your dream business!

During your program we’ll cover these topics and more;

Clarity, focus + goal setting

Bring laser focus to your vision and goals and be held accountable to make it happen

Money mindset makeover

Let riches and wild abundance become your new normal as you rewrite your money story

Wildly wealthy habits

Manifest abundance on the daily with rituals and habits for lifelong wealth and freedom

Worthy woman mindset mastery

Own your worth, charge confidently for your value and back yourself like never before

Intuitive business strategy

Break the rules and do business in a way that is fun, free and aligned to your strengths

Spellbinding sales

Master the art of spellbinding sales to get booked out and gracefully attract your tribe

Personal brand + feminine leadership

Be the go-to girl in your industry and become magnetic to your soulmate clients

Energy, success + boundaries

Bring feminine flow, harmony and balance into your business and life as you manifest your goals

Together we’ll build your wildly abundant empire as you back your worth, get laser focus on your vision and stand confidently in your feminine power.

Liberated. Abundant. Aligned. Free. 

What it’s like to work with me

My signature style is ‘mixing the woo with the work’. I blend ancient spiritual teachings with business success strategies to help modern day babes like you create wild abundance. 

I’ll hold you accountable to actually do the work, but I’ll also gently guide you to shed your old patterns, drop the limiting beliefs and money blocks holding you back and confidently OWN and charge your worth.

Because gorgeous, I know how limitless and abundant you really are. I see it – even when you don’t see it in yourself! 

During our time together, I’ll call on my toolbox of business coaching, money mindset mentoring and energy healing to take your business to that next level status.

I’ll guide you in blending the masculine essentials like your strategy and action plans, with the divine feminine side of your biz like money mindset, intuition, manifesting and alignment.

If you like being guided by your intuition just as much as your daily to-do list, then we’re the perfect cosmic match.

Let’s begin:

Ready to chat about how we can work together? Click the button below to instantly book a complimentary consult with me.

These calls are relaxed and direct – I’ll get to know your business dreams and challenges and we’ll discuss the best options for working together to find you the perfect fit. I can’t wait to connect with you!


This is made for you if;

» You know you’re meant to shine, lead and create magic and you’re seriously ready to uplevel your business and lifestyle to match the dreams in your heart

» You take responsibility for your life right now and you know you’ve gotta change your inner game to change your reality

» You love chatting the woo woo stuff but you also want to back it up with action and clarity

» You’re not afraid to do the deep work to see results. In fact – you embrace it

This is not for you if;

» You’re just starting your business and want help with getting set up

» You’re looking for someone to tell you exactly what to do

» You want a coach who’s only focused on numbers and hustling

I absolutely LOVED my session with Jenna! I was feeling really stuck in my business, constantly pushing as if everything was a struggle and abundance was not available to me. With Jenna’s wisdom and guidance I was able to recognise where certain money blocks and limiting beliefs have come from, and I experienced a shift in perspective that allowed me to clear them, making space for abundance to flow freely to me. The whole process was beautiful, Jenna has a such a warm presence and combined with her powerful techniques I left our session feeling clear, excited and so inspired to move forward!
– Heidi Rose
Jenna is an incredible coach. She holds space for her clients to work through their thoughts and offers practical and actionable advice to help you reach your goals. When I came to Jenna, I was totally overwhelmed and unsure of what my next steps should be. Through her knowledge and support, I now feel more confident in my business than ever before. The amount of progress I made while working with Jenna would have taken me so much longer to work through on my own. 
– Kim Perry


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