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The thing about abundance is it never stops.

The ONLY thing stopping you from constant expansion and growth is the belief that you have reached your ‘limit’, and that ‘this is the best it will get for me.’

Maybe you find yourself hitting your biggest month ever, and then immediately second guess it all. You start thinking ‘that was a fluke’, or ‘I’ll never be able to do that again’

All that BS we tell ourselves is usually other peoples BS.

It isn’t even OURS to carry and believe.

What IS truth, is the ever increasing abundance that flows to us and is available to us…if only we allow it in.

So how the fuck do we do that?

Allow it in?

We decide and claim it.

We tune into our soul / higher self who DOES know we are infinite.

We CHOOSE to turn our thoughts, energy and vibration towards infinite possibility.

We decide that every day it gets to be easier, more flow based, more fun.

And then we release any and all resistance we have towards receiving more.

We drop the guilt trip in our head.

We quiet the fear holding us back from showing up.

We release the idea that we’re ‘greedy’ for wanting more.

We stop avoiding our money and start loving it, all over.

We get into alignment and TRUST what we are here to do.

And we do it.

We become it.

We ARE it.

That shift starts within you.

And when you decide that yes it DOES get to be easy, and YES abundance is always increasing and it always gets to be better and better – each day, THAT’s when you feel it.

You feel the real calling in your heart.

You understand that the more abundant you are, the more you impact others.

You have crystal clear clarity on the fact that when you are RICH on every level – spiritually, financially, energetically, physically and emotionally, that your message is now spreading like wildfire and IMPACTING lives.

You are healing. changing. shifting.

And it just keeps getting better.

For you.

For your family.

For your clients.

For your community.

For the whole fucking planet.

So drop the guilt. Stop blocking yourself.

It’s time to claim what is divinely yours.

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