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How to increase your self belief immediately

October 16, 2017

I work with many amazing women each day, but there’s one thing that can stop a talented and inspired woman from building her dream business and life – a lack of self belief!

Self belief is the key to creating success, but if your inner mean girl has been talking smack lately, it’s time to hit reset. I want to share some simple ways you can increase your self belief immediately.

But first! Why do you feel a lack of self belief?

These negative thoughts and feelings come from a lifetime of experiences that have been programmed in your subconscious mind as truth. Whatever you tell your subconscious mind, is what it accepts as ‘truth’. So if you’ve had an experience in the past where you felt low in confidence and fearful, your subconscious mind has accepted that and formed limiting beliefs to keep you ‘safe’ from harm in the future.

You can’t blame the subconscious though, she’s simply trying to keep you warm and snug inside your comfort zone. Trouble is, that comfort zone isn’t serving you as an entrepreneur and grown woman!

What should you do?

You have to create new “evidence” that you are confident and empowered and that you can create your dreams! This lack of self belief is holding onto the past, and as you know, the past doesn’t define you or serve you. Each time you listen to your subconscious mind telling you “I can’t”, you are only affirming this limiting belief even more.

Instead of staying stuck in your comfort zone, you’ve got to step outside it (yep, you CAN do it!) and create new evidence that you are capable of achieving amazing things.

To get there, here’s 3 simple things you can do to immediately boost your self belief.

1 – Forgive and let go

Consider where your lack of self confidence and belief comes from. Is there a time (or many times) in the past where you experienced thinking you weren’t enough or feeling scared? Write down all the times in the past this has happened to you.

Read through each memory and forgive yourself and anyone involved. Say out loud “I am sorry. I forgive you. Thank you. I love you.” Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.

Think of this as a big old energetic declutter and clear out of the crap inside your mind. It’s no longer serving you. Time to let it go.

2 – Affirm the new story with FAITH in yourself

Check in with yourself and your inner mean girl. What’s she saying to you about your ability to achieve your goals? What stories do you keep hearing? Your inner dialogue is the secret key to creating confidence.

Be super duper conscious of how you’re speaking to yourself. Seriously, watch yourself. Check in throughout the day and each time you hear inner mean girl piping up, let her know that you’ve got this and you’re ready to step out of that comfort zone.

When she says: “I can’t do this, I’m going to get rejected”….you say: “I can do this. I am empowered and valuable.”

When she says: “I can’t do this, I’m worried I’ll be judged”….you say: “I am enough just as I am and I’m going to share my message to those who need it”

Keep checking in on your inner mean girl and tell her you’re all good. Affirm your new story and tell it to yourself over and over again (the subconscious mind will eventually accept your new confidence and inner belief as TRUTH)

3 – Create new evidence (a.k.a take action!)

The final step to create self belief immediately is to take the actions that scare you to create new evidence that proves you’re freaking amazing!!

This might mean reaching out to get the support of a mentor. Joining a community of like-minded women. Pitching yourself (finally) to that publication. Reaching out to that dream client.

Use your goals and break them down into tiny steps and take action daily. As you do this, that prism you put yourself in starts to break and chip away and you start to step further and further out of your comfort zone…into confidence and success.

Remember lovely, it’s ok to be humble and ask for help too. If you realise that you have big goals and you’re not sure where to start, focus on asking for help and upskilling yourself (learn, research etc) so you have the knowledge to move forward.

When you were a little kid, you asked plenty of questions and you were CURIOUS. The same goes now as an adult. Be curious. Continue to work on yourself. Continue to check in on your inner dialogue and continue to take steps outside your comfort zone.

When you back up action with faith and belief in yourself, you’ll be unstoppable.

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    October 21, 2017 at 3:07 am

    Loved this post! I need to do the forgiving excercise and be more conscious of what I’m saying to myself during the day 💕 thanks Jenna!

    • mm
      Jenna Black
      October 21, 2017 at 8:56 am

      you’re welcome Alex! The forgiveness exercise is so powerful 🙂

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