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Let’s step back to the year 2016. I’d spent weeks in the ‘bubble’ of creating an e-course that I thought would be my BIG thing.

You know THAT signature course that everyone seems to rave about. That every other boss babe is sharing proudly on the gram’ that’s she’s ‘in and can’t wait!’


I dove into creating the most perfect modules, spent many hours recording videos, editing videos, and even RE-recording ones that didn’t feel ‘perfect’.

I spent hours creating amazing workbooks, designing a beautiful sales page and putting together a perfectly laid out launch strategy.

Hours and weeks and actually even close to 2 months of CREATING this course.

And by the time launch day came? I was so freakin’ exhausted that all I wanted to do was hide in bed and watch Netflix.

I’ve given EVERYTHING to this course, but all the weeks and months I spent creating it, caused the initial excitement of the idea to fade away.

I no longer felt connected to it, but I felt like I ‘should’ launch it anyway, because “look at all this work I’ve put into it!”

So I launched it.

And nothing happened.

So I kept trying to sell it. And nothing happened.

I was completely and utterly defeated.

And of course I realised I had done this to myself. The energy of it was WAY OFF.

I’d created it up front (why?!)

I’d launched it without passion (why?!)

And it all just flopped.

But of course, there was a GOLDEN lesson in this whole shit show of a launch.

Sell first, then create.

A simple, OBVIOUS answer to avoiding burn out and flopped launches.

And that became my mantra moving forward. Sell first, then create.

Today in my business, things look totally different. I’m a pre-selling queen. And it’s changed everything.

So if you’ve had a flopped launch too (remember there is no failure, only lessons!), and you’re exhausted at the thought of creating a whole new program on the ‘hopes’ that people will buy…this is for you.

Here’s how to pre-sell your courses and programs like an abundant boss:

This is just a guideline as to how I create ideas, prep for launch and start selling in about 2 -3 days. Adjust it to your schedule.


1 – Write down all the ideas you have right now, and get them onto paper. Circle the one that just feels EXCITING, like you can’t WAIT to get it out to your peeps. THAT’S your offer – go with the one you believe in, back, and have passion for the most.

2 – Outline what goes into the program – write out module topics and decide the format of the offer and how it gets delivered to your customers. Don’t overcomplicate things here and think you have to create this all NOW. You don’t – you just need the outline and ‘bones’ of the course.


3 – Write your sales copy and create sales page. P.S – you don’t even NEED a sales page if you want to just share the sales copy on social media with a link to directly buy.

4 – Prep any short term things that need to be set up to welcome new customers into the program BEFORE you officially kick off your day one of content. This is stuff like payment forms, welcome emails, FB group set up etc. Let your customers know when the official ‘start day’ is. If you’re using a FB group as a live element of your program, welcome them in there early to start sharing and connecting.


Step 5 – SHARE IT GORGEOUS! Get that offer out there today and spread the magic of this offer with your peeps.


You can create your first module content as people are buying. This will look different for everyone depending on what content goes into your program.

If you’re just having a FB group and you’ll offer live trainings as the module content, you don’t need to prepare much at all before the program actually starts.

If your customers get a module training pre-recorded for them, you just need to stay one week ahead with your content. I’ve even launched courses and created content one DAY ahead (I did this with Money Queen) – Do what works for you!


The beauty of pre-selling your programs is you get to launch QUICKLY when your energy and passion for the program is HIGH VIBING. This is key, as people buy into your energy!

Pre-selling your program also lets you test the waters with what people want, and it saves you a fuck tonne of time that could easily be wasted creating a whole program and then launching to crickets. DON’T do what I did!

PLUS, when you create on the go with your programs, you’re not letting perfectionism hold you back, because you have customers who expect content. It helps you lead with your VALUE and MESSAGE without focusing on the perfectly laid out workbook.

So gorgeous, what idea are you getting out into the world? It’s time to pre-sell it babe!

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  1. Jenna this is G O L D ✨ I’ve had this experience with launches in the past and now I literally ALWAYS sell first, create as I go. The content is already there, waiting to come through, it’s just building the container for the inspired action ? x

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