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Diary of An Abundant Boss – Hayley Richardson

November 18, 2017

hayley richardson

In our series ‘Diary of An Abundant Boss’, we go behind-the-screen and chat to some of our favourite female entrepreneurs about their routines, dreams and lifestyle. Today we’re talking to the beautiful Hayley Richardson – personal brand photographer for women in business.

Talk us through your morning routine after waking up. What would we find you doing? Do you have a morning ritual you practice?

I don’t have a set routine, as in, what I do changes pretty often. One thing I do do regularly is make the bed as soon as I get up, because I find that helps me feel like I’ve already achieved something and puts me in a good frame of mind for the rest of the day. Often, even if I’m working from home, I’ll do my hair and makeup and get dressed as if I were going out for the day, because again I feel like it helps me feel like I’ve achieved something for the day and I’m taking myself seriosuly. I’ve recently started to leave my phone in the living room overnight so I don’t use it from bed, so once I leave the bedroom I’ll check my phone to see if I have any messages from my family home in Australia.

After that you’d typically find me going for a walk to the local park for an hour, then coming home to make a late breakfast and a warm drink of either lemon water, tea or chai. Walking helps me clear my head and feel happy and energised, and I love listening to either music (usually some kind of Spotify playlist like acoustic, Dixieland jazz or the Beatles) or a podcast depending on how I’m feeling.

You’re about to begin work and start your business day. What actions do you focus on first thing and how do you set your day up for success?

My work is varied every day, as it can often involve client portrait sessions, meet and greet consultations, planning calls, portrait editing and retouching, location scouting, administration, marketing, learning new skills or networking. So that I stick to task and get the things done that need to be done I find it helpful to map out all the things I need to do for the week ahead on either Friday or Sunday, so I am focused and know what I need to do. I try not to check my emails in the morning, and even leave my inbox closed as often as possible so it’s not a distraction.

hayley richardson

As a business owner, your energy can get pulled in all directions. How do you manage your energy and maintain your boundaries during a busy day?

Eliminating distractions and planning key tasks in my calendar makes the biggest difference for me. I can get quite distracted by my phone, so if I notice that happening I usually put it out of my reach so I don’t pick it up. 

I also recently stripped away a lot of offerings in my business, and I’ve found that that’s helped simplify my days and create so much more energy. Simple is best!

Do you have any rituals or habits you practice to create abundance and cultivate an empowered mindset?

My mindset is growing and improving over time, and I don’t think that’s because of a particular ritual or habit per say, rather than being resilient and learning over time that – even though I have supportive people around me – my own mindset and consistent action is the most important contributor to my success and I simply have to work on it to get to where I want to be.

A few things that are more interests than habits which I feel help with energy are listening to the weekly astrology forecasts from, occasionally listening to wealth attraction hypnosis tracks, chakra meditations, tracking and working with my menstrual cycle for energy and also noticing the moon phases in my journal (when I journal!). I find all of these help me feel more connected with myself, which brings me feelings of peace and optimism which is essential for a growth focussed mindset.

The work day is coming to an end. What would we find you doing in the final hour before you switch off?

I like to switch off by 6pm (7pm at the latest) and usually I’ll wrap up whatever I’m working on, check my emails a final time and mark important ones with a star to focus on the next day, reshuffle my calendar for the following day if there’s anything I didn’t get done, then either cook dinner (or have it cooked for me! – my boyfriend and I take turns), send my Instagram post live for that day, sometimes watch something on Netflix with Will and then I try to be in bed by 9:30pm at the latest so I can read a few chapters of a book to help me get to sleep.

Hayley Richardson is an Australian personal branding photographer, Francophile and hygge enthusiast based in London UK. She helps soulful business owners overcome their fear of visibility, improve their confidence and communicate their message through personality-filled images, with a light, joyful and feminine twist. When she’s not working, you’ll usually find Hayley in one of London’s many parks, out on the streets taking photos or planning her next Europe adventure. Want to look like a babe in photos? She’s got you covered with 7 simple tips. Visit here. 

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