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How to become an energetic match for your dreams (so they manifest with speed)

July 6, 2017
abundant boss

Everything is energy. You. me. The phone you just used to check Instagram.

Everything is vibrating at a certain frequency giving things ‘life’.

So when you’re manifesting a beautiful goal for your business or life, the energy you put out into the universe is essential.

If you’re vibrating at a lower energy (stuck in self doubt, comparison or ‘not good enough’ mode) you’ll attract things into your life that match that frequency.

If you’re vibrating at a higher energy focused on receiving, being open to abundance and seeking magic in your life, you’ll attract things that match that frequency.

It all comes back to energy!

If you wanna manifest your starry-eyed dreams into reality, you’ve got to be a cosmic magnet for your wishes. This means embodying them as if they’ve already manifested, raising your energetic frequency and surrounding yourself with people and things that support your mission.

So where does a girl begin on her quest to manifest with speed and ease? Start with what raises your energy and anchors you into your dreams on the daily. This is going to be unique for everyone but a few of my personal fave ways to do so are:

Get heavily meditated

I won’t bang on about the various benefits of meditation but when it comes to manifesting, sitting in stillness daily can be the difference between a low vibe day and a manifesting like a boss day.

Daily meditation allows you to drop into your heart space and listen to that intuitive voice. This is where you’re going to pick up the essential messages you need to move forward and manifest with ease.

Mix daily habits with manifesting mantras

Making coffee? Brushing your teeth? Doing the dishes? Use those boring daily habits and spice them up by thinking or saying your manifesting mantras at the same time.

Picture this:

You’re making your daily coffee and waiting for the kettle to boil. In those few minutes instead of thinking about your whopping to do list, you’re saying your affirmations or mantras over and over, feeling them into your body and visualising your desire coming true. Your energy starts to raise and raise to a beautiful state just as the kettle boils too.

Mix regular ol’ habits with manifesting rituals and you’ll be a manifesting queen in no time.

Beam your light bright

I like to think of my energy as a light beaming out into the universe. When my light is strong, empowered and abundant, I’m creating a clear channel for my desires to manifest. When I’m dwelling in the past or letting my fear and ego take over, my light starts to diminish and I manifest things into my life that match that energy.

Think about yourself as a light too – give it colour and feeling. What does your light look like? When and where does it shine brightest?

What rituals or exercises can you do daily that actively boost your energy and allow your light to shine mother effin’ bright? It may be creating, meditating, visualising, dancing like a total nerd (my fave) – whatever it is, do those things as often as possible and watch your energy shift into abundance.

Show up in your business as if you’ve already manifested your dreams

The secret to manifesting? You have to believe that your dreams have already manifested. It’s not enough to ‘wish and wait’ – you have to BECOME the dream you want.

This means showing up in your business in a bigger way than you ever have before.

>> Reaching out to that podcast show to pitch yourself finally.

>> Investing in a virtual assistant.

>> Owning your niche topic and being unapologetic in sharing your gifts.

>> Getting more visible on social media.

Think, feel, walk and talk as if your desires have already manifested and you’ll be unstoppable.

What will you do today to manifest the dreams you seek?

Jenna x


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