Turn your soul + power ALL the way on, to grow your wildly abundant empire and become iconic, aligned and rich – on every level…all for being YOU!

Work with me for 12 months inside a HIGH-VIBE elevated community of badass visionary and spiritual women! My most high level academy and inner circle…..for babes on the rise.

I’m not here to convince you of anything. I’m here to remind you of who the fuck you are.

I know something has brought you right here babe.

A remembering of your true self.

The woman you were before the world taught you to be someone else.

She’s the powerful woman within.

The lit up, turned on, tapped in BOSS who directs her destiny.

She is fierce yet kind, powerful yet purposeful, worthy beyond measure.

She is wealthy, rich and abundant in her soul, bank account and purpose.

She is unapologetic about who she is.

She owns the fuck out of her magic.

💰Her frequency is her currency.

She is a leader, impacting millions and making millions doing her soul work.

She knows ALL she needs to do is be HER…and from that state, receiving comes as naturally as breathing.

You are her and she is you.

THAT version of you exists now, and it’s time to BE all of her.

Because it’s from THAT space that receiving and living a life of abundance, freedom, joy and magic becomes automatic…and just who you are.

Your soul desires manifest with ease and speed

Money and abundance pours fast and freely into your life

You open up your channels to receive, like flicking a switch on abundance

You step fully into your next level with ease, magic and flow

Your message downloads with clarity and confidence from within you

Your entire life and business upgrades with purpose and prosperity

And rich is just who you are – on every freakin’ level

Here’s what I know to be true:

The world needs more spiritual visionary women living their soul purpose and making a fuck tonne of money doing so.

That means you living out your passion and being the wealthiest, most next level, lit up version of YOU. 

It’s my mission to help you do just that – as you step fully into your worth + power and rise into the wildly abundant biz + life you deeply desire and deserve.

Because following someone else’s 5 step strategy to launch / sell / be successful is NEVER going to work.

You know that because you’ve tried it. Time and again.

And I’ve been there too.

Following others, but never trusting my own voice.

Signing up for every freebie training in the hope of finding the ‘secret solution’ to my success.

None of it worked.

Why? I wasn’t in alignment with ME.

So, what had to change?

FLICKING the switch and going ALL IN on my soul desires.

OWNING my worth and remembering that I am limitless and powerful.

RECODING my whole system for money, abundance, flow and impact.

I had to throw out the strategies, formulas and rules of how business ‘should’ be done, and instead deeply trust my intuition and higher self to drive me forward.

From that space I’ve created a multiple 6 figure empire (and I’m on my way to a million dollar business) – where flow, magic, abundance and ease is my new normal.

I came back home to me.

And I took my power back. 





And I now KNOW that it ALWAYS gets to be this easy.

I know exactly how to guide you into a state of RECEIVING and ABUNDANCE for being YOU

….because abundance IS our natural state – it’s who we ARE.

I’ve done this myself and helped thousands of women do the same.

Now my entire business and life is built from abundance and flow :

>> My business gives me ENERGY, PURPOSE and MAGIC daily

>> I trust my message with so much confidence that I channel it out of nowhere and speak my truth

>> I make rapid decisions from my intuition with clarity and confidence

>> Selling and marketing no longer fear me – I see them as being SPIRITUAL and I show up daily and call in cash daily

>> My soul clients find me, follow me and are a hell yeah to working with me

>> Abundance is always in overflow, financially, spiritually, energetically and physically

>> I receive money, purpose, connection, joy and freedom automatically

>> I am in control of my time and energy

>> I own the fuck out of my worth

>> And all of it is fun, flow based and next level

If you join me on this path, you’ll remember who the fuck you are and you’ll turn your soul and power ALL the way on.

But be warned.

You’ll never go back to how you used to be.

Purpose, confidence, clarity and riches will be your new normal.

You’ll EXPECT better and bigger for your life.

You’ll tap into infinite receiving.

You’ll ease into flow.

You’ll release what no longer serves you.

And you’ll be LIT the fuck up from within.

Ignited on a soul level.

No more playing small or hesitating.

We’ll bring you into soul ALIGNMENT with what you REALLY desire (like really, really!) NOW.

Because EVERY soul desire you have (more freedom, money, impact etc) is ALREADY yours.

It is available and MEANT for you.

The version of you that has the dream business + life you desire, already exists.

We’ll awaken her. Unleash her.

Let her guide you into a wildly abundant empire and life, on YOUR terms.

You’ll activate the abundant queen within.

And there’s no going back.

Ready to join me?


Academy + incubator for visionary babes going next level and beyond


>> 12 months of high level academy group support

>> Weekly live hot seat coaching Q&A calls OR masterclass training

>> High-vibe Facebook group with 24/7 support

>> Private membership website with growing library of video + audio trainings, checklists, planners and meditations – every training and template I’ve created in my business

>> Abundance activations and wealth meditations

>> Regular live group EFT tapping sessions to elevate your self worth + net worth

>> Regular group oracle card readings and energetic insights

>> My guidance all over your business, from how to uplevel your mindset, manifest money and desires or master marketing and personal branding – with intimate access to me for a full year

>> I’m 100% committed and completely transparent around how I manage and grow a profitable + aligned business, from a space of total freedom and flow

>> Unlimited access to every ritual, tool or resource I use to consistently create results, uplevel, and stay aligned. NOTHING is off limits!

>> Only for the visionary babe ready to go ALL IN and grow her soul empire from a space of total ease, flow and abundance

BONUS # 1 – All Access Pass to my entire course + program collection

As one of my VIP babes, you’ll instantly get an ALL ACCESS PASS to every course and program I’ve created when you sign up! 


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No more wondering whether to sign up when I launch something new, you’ll simply get access – woohoo! Any course, training, freebie or program I launch is YOURS!


Receive ALL the resources, tools and aligned strategies, as well as the inner confidence and abundance mindset, to successfully grow your 6 (or 7!) figure empire with feminine flow, inspired action and total clarity and ease.


Massive up-levels, soul shifts and breakthroughs – on all levels of biz + life

Working from a space of complete alignment, fired up, LIT up and confident AF, as you tap into FLOW, freedom and high vibrations

Coding yourself for consistent money, flow, fame and IMPACT

Master the art of magic, feminine energy and money flow, as you experience riches on every level

Tap into infinite receiving as you clear limiting beliefs for GOOD and turn your ABUNDANCE alllll the way ON

Own your soul MESSAGE to turn your gifts into GOLD and stand out amongst the crowd

Step fully into your SOUL PURPOSE and POWER with total clarity and confidence

Up-levelled money mindset and confidence to create a 6 (or 7!) figure EMPIRE

Align yourself with your biggest soul desires to manifest like a QUEEN

Become a spiritual selling queen as you show up with CONFIDENCE

Create and implement aligned marketing strategies where you get paid for being the fullest expression of YOU

Have boundaries like a BADASS to fast-track manifesting your goals

Create and launch your offers with EASE and FUN, from low priced to high end, with total clarity

Attract soul clients and dream opportunities as you MAGNETIZE through your energy

Download and channel your message, sales copy and strategies with total CLARITY

Clarity on your EXACT daily actions to grow your list and social media FULL of soul clients DAILY

Action the abundant empire + life you’ve been dreaming of NOW, and tap into your bigger vision for fast manifestation on your soul desires

Alchemize your soul business and your life for more joy, fulfilment, flow and fun – the way it should be!

12 months access for major up-levels all year round! My highest level inner circle with daily access to me

An ALL ACCESS pass to every course, program, tool, meditation and resource – nothing is off limits

A global high vibe community of spiritual and visionary babes in business – your new soul squad


>> 12 months access, 24/7 mastermind community and intimate access to me for a full year ($12,000)

>> Weekly coaching calls, guest experts and trainings ($10,000)

>> All Access Pass to ALL my programs and ANY program I create while you’re in the Abundance Mecca ($5,000)

>> Access to any training, tool, resource or tip I have to help you manifest your biggest soul desires 

>> Private membership website with hours of trainings, meditations, resources and more

Total Value: over $27,000!

Regular investment: $2,500 

Today’s investment: a TINY piece of this!


Jenna Black is the founder of Abundant Boss, a money mindset and abundance queen and women’s empowerment coach.

Through her work she has supported thousands of women to manifest a thriving business and life, with flow, abundance and freedom. 

Featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post and more, Jenna’s approach is fresh and modern – blending intuitive business strategy with manifestation, energy and mindset.

She supports modern spiritual women to turn their power ALL the way on as they rise into abundance – on every level.

The choice is yours gorgeous.

If you’re ready to STOP hesitating another DAY on what your soul is truly desiring and you’re called to step FULLY into your next level self to create the wildly abundant empire + life of your dreams – then message me now!