abundant boss

You get to choose abundance.

In every moment. Every day. Every next business move you make.

I used to think that if I figured out the perfect strategy and sales goal, then I’d have the abundance I wanted.

“If I just launch this program, and sell 5 spots, I’ll reach my monthly goal.”

“If I price my coaching package at ‘x’, and sell 4 spots a month, I’ll reach my monthly goal.”

I thought I was doing the ‘right’ thing in business…

…Launch something your people want.

….Calculate the exact number you’d need to sell each month to reach your monthly money goal.

….And voila! There you have abundance.

Oh how wrong I was. And how wrong I see other business babes getting it too.

We’re drowning in a pool of strategies and formulas that teach us to focus on the number goals, and the client numbers, and the perfect fucking package.

All in the hope of creating abundance in our lives.

So we can finally pay the bills.

Hit that 5 figure month.

And be ‘that’ industry leader everyone seems to know.

I had gotten it wrong for YEARS.

Because I thought “if I just do THIS strategy, and these 5 exact things, then I’ll be abundant”

I thought abundance came from perfectly planned marketing.

I thought abundance came from following a 5 step launch formula.

I thought abundance came from OUTSIDE of me *slaps forehead*

And all the strategies, perfect planning and cautious steps in my marketing just pushed abundance further away from me.

Because underneath it all, I didn’t trust myself. I wasn’t owning my power. I wasn’t ALIGNED to my soul.

I was following the crowds, like a sheep.

And that’s when I realised – abundance comes from WITHIN ME.

Abundance / money / freedom / success – it’s all from WITHIN ME.

I get to literally CHOOSE it.

Because abundance isn’t something we go out and find and create. It’s something we CHOOSE.

It’s our natural state. A divine power and frequency that runs within us and through us.

So why would I seek it outside of myself, through clients, funnels and over-planned launches?

It doesn’t make any sense.

And the more I explored this, the more I realised how this is the way most people approach business and life. They are seeking validation and power from others.

Relying on their clients to bring in the money.

Relying on the experts to teach them the 5 step formula that will change everything!

Relying on a strategy and funnel to create abundance for them.

When it’s totally opposite.

Because gorgeous, abundance is just something you choose. It’s like breathing.

You get to CHOOSE your soul desires.

You get to CHOOSE to be in a state of flow.

You get to CHOOSE your own rules in business and life.

You get to CHOOSE abundance.

That’s the real ‘secret’ that all these marketing experts are missing.

That the power is within YOU.

It always has been. Always will be.

No strategy or formula or perfect plan will create the dream business and life you want, unless you are tapped into YOUR power. Unless you’re following YOUR soul. Unless you’re aligned to what YOU truly desire.

None of it will work without the abundance activated from within you.

So beauty – what will you choose today? Will you keep following others, seeking permission and power from others? Looking for abundance outside of you?

Or will you remember who the fuck you are, listen to what YOU are guided to do from your soul and CHOOSE the abundance from within you?

That power has always been there. It’s ALWAYS available. You just have to choose.

Jenna x


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