It’s time for abundance, babe.

Hey gorgeous, I’m Jenna!

I’m a money mindset mentor, business strategist and energy healer. I’m super passionate about helping women in business to own their worth, cast their magic and become magnetic to their soulmate clients!

Ultimately, I want YOU to be an abundant boss in your business and life.

My style is all about mixing the ‘woo with the work’ to give you laser focus on your goals, simplified strategy and a sprinkle of spirituality…so you can be the highest version of yourself possible!

I’m obsessed with helping you to master your inner game and heal the mindset blocks that keep holding you back and I could honestly talk about manifesting, abundance and turning your dreams into reality all day long.

Abundant Boss is the go-to destination for business babes in pursuit of wild abundance. It’s my mission to help you;

Δ Grow your online empire by mastering your money mindset and unlocking the rich abundance all around you

Δ Step into your divine feminine magic, trust your intuitive superpowers and manifest your wildest dreams

Δ Turn your purpose into profit as you shimmer bright and magnetise your soul mate clients 

Δ Kick your limiting belief to the side and build a business and life you’re crazy in love with 


I blend ancient spiritual teachings with business strategy to help modern day babes build their dreams.
In my toolbox right now:
»» Intuitive business coach
»» Money mindset mentor
»» Energy healer
»» Reiki master
»» Holistic health coach
»» Intuitive clairsentient
»» Neuro linguistics programming practitioner
»» Law of attraction certified practitioner
»» Certified hypnotherapist

Gorgeous, wild abundance is all around you, and it’s my mission to help you step into that power and create a business and life you love! 

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» Read the latest tips and truths on money mindset and business on the blog.

Stay golden,

Jenna x