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The quick boss babe guide to tell the difference between your intuition and fear

July 15, 2017
abundant boss

Your intuition knows her shit. When you master listening to your intuition, you claim back your power. You no longer need outside influences, experts and advice – you’ve got it all!

But how do you know when to listen to her? Here’s the quick boss babe guide to tell the difference between your intuition and fear: 


What it does

→ Leads you away from your power by telling you bullshit like ‘you can’t’ ‘you’re not ready’

→ Looks for outward validation from others and compares you to others

→ Feeds on self doubt and limiting beliefs because ultimately it’s trying to keep you safe

→ In times of real danger we need it!It’s the flight or fight response we needed in primal times. But typically, fear shows up when we don’t need it. 

→ Fear is an extension of our ego. 

How it feels and sounds

→ Heightened in anxious emotion

→ Can feel loud and shouty

→ May feel stressful as you go into ‘fight or flight’ mode

Where it sits in your body

→ Your fear typically sits in your tummy and solar plexus chakra

Do you get a gut feeling when you feel anxious? Do you get an upset stomach when you’re anxious? This is a somatic marker: a physiological sign of fear or anxiety.

The solar plexus relates to self worth and the ego, which is why the fear ‘speaks’ from there.



“Close both eyes. Look from the other eye.” Rumi

What it does

→ Your intuition leads you TOWARDS your power.

→ It’s your highest form of intelligence.

→ It speaks from love and divine guidance. When you master your intuition, you master your life.

→ Supports you in manifesting your dreams through guided action, emotion and energy.

How it feels and sounds 

→ Intuition is a deep, calm, peaceful and grounded “knowing” – ever had that feeling where you ‘just know’? – that’s your intuition.

→ May feel emotional, in a loving way.

→ Initially comes as a gentle whisper which eventually can grow to a loud abrasive knock if we do not listen!

Where it sits in your body

→ Your intuition lives mostly in your heart chakra and third eye chakra. It’s our ‘sixth sense’.

→ In fact, all four of the top chakras (heart, throat, third eye, crown) support your intuition in some way because these are the chakras connected to the divine, that support your spiritual connection and ability to manifest.



Start by nourishing and opening up your heart and third eye chakras. There are many ways to do this, but here’s a few of the most powerful:

♥ Forgiveness and releasing old blocks is key – head here to learn how

♥ Daily meditation and gentle movement – this allows you to listen for intuitive messages

♥ Start a gratitude journal or list, and really let that love resonate in your heart

♥ Find daily stillness to hear your intuitive nudges and messages

♥ Visualise the third eye opening with beautiful light and space

♥ Walk outside and listen for intuitive messages

♥ Set a clear intention to be open for signs from the universe


abundant boss

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