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My morning routine for an abundant business day

October 19, 2017

Hey boss babe! Creating a morning routine can be the secret weapon you’re needing to create a successful and abundant business day. I’m a big advocate for setting the energy of your day first thing so you can create success, flow and freedom all day long.

I’m going behind the screen and sharing my EXACT morning ritual for abundance and success. Check it out below!



» Setting a morning intention is key. What do you want to achieve that day? How do you want to feel?

» Spend time visualising your dream day unfolding before you get out of bed. This raises your energetic vibrational frequency…helping you to manifest easily

» Coffee is life!

» Create an abundant workspace before you start working. Journal your money goals or affirmations. Declutter to create the flow of energy. Set the tone and energy of your day.

» Focus on what’s essential FIRST. Do the things that scare you first and create awesome momentum for the day ahead.

» Don’t check emails or social media before you’ve tackled those big items on your to do list. The more disciplined and focused you can be with this, the more you’ll uplevel and grow.


Ready to take your business to the next level gorgeous? 

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