Hey beautiful woman. Are you doing ALL the things and stretching yourself to build your dream business, but no matter what you try, you just keep coming up against those pesky money blocks? 

I get it…it sucks. You’re overwhelmed. Frustrated. Wondering if you can make this all work.

Money can feel so emotional. Guilt. Shame. Anger. Anxiety.

It’s the stories you tell yourself, the patterns you’ve picked up and the limiting beliefs around money that hide in your subconscious – all rolled into one giant knot.

A big messy knot at that!

But gorgeous, the beautiful thing about money is that it’s simply energy. It wants to flow to you and there’s an unlimited supply for us all.

Actually, you’re not really ‘blocked’ at all. Abundance is all around you. Your energy has simply gotten tangled and needs to be cleared, to allow money to flow naturally your way.

As an energy healer and money mindset mentor, I use my spiritual toolbox to get straight to the core of your money stories, beliefs and patterns and I help you clear the blocks that are making it hard for money to flow to you, or stay with you.

abundant boss

Here’s how it all works;

I’ll do a money block clearing session for you. I use a combination of reiki and energy healing tools during the session to focus directly on clearing your money blocks that have gotten in the way of you receiving abundance.

This happens remotely and you don’t need to do anything. You simply go about your day and you’ll receive an email from me shortly after I’ve completed the session.

After the session, you’ll receive a beautiful guide and toolkit that is completely customised and personalised to you. I will intuitively tap into your money story and include specific goodies, tools, insights and action steps that you can use to create more abundance and momentum in the months to come.

Inside your guide and toolkit, you can expect to receive a money meditation, an oracle card reading with insight into your money story and personalised action steps, insights and forecasts to create abundance in your business and life.

You don’t just get the powerful energy clearing work, you get customised information that will empower and inspire you on your new money journey!

What happens when you book:

Consider yourself activated with abundance beautiful! The energy clearing starts working as soon as you say yes to yourself and book in. It’s not logical or rational – it’s energetic.

After you book in, I’ll be in touch via email to plan your session:

1 – I’ll let you know the date and time that I’ll be doing your session. You won’t need to do anything at that time as it all happens distantly. You can simply go about your day and I’ll be in touch with your follow up email within that week.

2 – I’ll also send you a short intake form, so I can get to know you a little bit more.

Sometimes you’ve gotta stop all the doing and start being. Think of this like an energetic declutter of the stuff that no longer serves you. Money and abundance is all around you, and it’s time to let it flow. 

Ready to create a new money story, gorgeous? It all begins here, the moment you say yes.

*Pricing in USD


Do I need to do anything when you do the money block clearing session?

Nope. Your session happens distantly. I will simply tap into your energy as you go about your day normally.

Will I feel anything when you do the session?

You might do. It varies with each person, and depends on how energetically sensitive you are. Some of my clients feel a little emotional and others don’t feel anything much at all. Allow yourself to trust any emotion that comes up during and after and know that it is all showing up for your highest good. You will likely notice a new feeling of abundance and openness after the session as the energy has started to flow.

How quickly will you do the money block clearing session after I pay?

You can expect to receive your session and follow up email with your guide and toolkit within 7 business days of booking in.

Do you guarantee specific results?

Energy work can not guarantee specific results. The money block clearing practice knows what needs to be cleared, and you can not specifically direct the outcome. You can however, expect this beautiful work to unblock energy that has stopped money from flowing or staying with you and this can show up in your business and life in unexpected and powerful ways. The best thing to do? Surrender to the process.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this deep energy work, I don’t offer refunds. You may find that you experience an ‘a-ha’ moment further down the track after the energy work has been done, where you realise the full power and impact of this work. If you don’t feel or see any immediate results, please trust the process, as the insight may come a few weeks or months later.

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