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5 must have crystals to boost abundance in your business

June 9, 2017
abundant boss

Crystals can be really cool companions in your business. They’re not only filled with high vibrational energy, they’re also conduits of energy (which is why they’re used in everything from watches, radios and modern medical devices.)

And when it comes to being an abundant boss, these gifts from Mama earth can help you to heighten your intuition and open the flow of abundance to support your business growth.


What crystals should you choose to activate and amplify abundance? These 5 beauties are ideal for keeping in your work space to promote a flourishing business.


abundant boss

Image courtesy of Higher Heart

Citrine is really THE crystal for abundance. It’s beautiful golden colour matches it’s power in bringing in the gold…a.k.a money, into your world. It not only works to remove money blocks and attract abundance, it’s also a wonderful crystal for increasing your self esteem.

Abundant boss tip: keep citrine in your wallet to promote cash flow


abundant boss

Image courtesy of Crystal Age

Cinnabar is the ultimate crystal to support sales and profitability in your business. For centuries merchants have used Cinnabar as a stone partner in prosperity. It’s great for clearing energy around finances and inviting in a flow of abundance and money – plus it’ll help you slay self doubt and squash limiting beliefs!

Abundant boss tip: hold Cinnabar when releasing negative blocks around money



abundant boss

Image courtesy of Sacred Source

This golden beauty is wonderful for balancing your energy and providing more stability in your business. It’s one of the key crystals known for promoting material abundance, so if you’re manifesting something physical, Pyrite is your friend.

Abundant boss tip: hold pyrite when visualising your desires to manifest

Smoky or Clear Quartz

Image courtesy of Sacred Source

The quartz fam are well known favourites in the elemental world, and smoky and clear quartz are definitely the winners when it comes to attracting abundance. Keeping quartz in your workspace supercharges your intuition and creates a clearer channel to the abundance of the universe. 

Abundant boss tip: Keep smoky or clear quartz on top of money and place in the sun. The crystals can help charge that money so that when you spend it, it actively promotes a positive return. 


abundant boss

Image courtesy of Healing Crystals

Malachite is a strong healing stone, that supports you to attract abundance when working from your heart space and it’s also ideal for improving business opportunities. Malachite can support you on your purpose and in aligning to your soul’s intentions. It’s also great for strengthening your heart physically – what’s not to love?

Abundant boss tip: keep Malachite with you when you’re promoting, pitching or hosting a meeting that you’d like to go well in.


What’s your favourite crystal companion?

Jenna x

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