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4 tips for crushing procrastination and perfectionism

August 9, 2017

Hey beautiful. I wanted to share some tips I’ve been using to bust through procrastination and perfectionism because it’s been something I’ve struggled with lately and it’s been a big convo with the ladies in my membership hub too.

Feeling stuck in inaction sucks. It’s like you want to be doing the thing and you intuitively know what you need to do, but you’re just stuck. You distract yourself with social media and emails, you end up creating something new that pulls you away from your zone of genius and you wind up feeling resentful and frustrated.

I get it, I’ve been there!

So how do we break free from procrastinating and getting stuck in perfectionism? It’s been my mission this year to break this cycle for myself and these 4 things have been a game changer.


For real though – my morning routine has changed my life. Not just my business – MY LIFE. I used to wake up late, meander to my computer and check emails with my coffee while I yawned myself awake. Not very inspirational, right?

These days it’s totally different. I set the tone for my day ahead before I even get up. I visualise myself working through my day and achieving my goals and then I anchor into that feeling as if it’s already happened. After my morning rituals (visualisation, oracle card reading, coffee, maybe some medi)…I’ll then sit down to my computer and rather than check emails, I’ll get to work on my ‘master project’.

This could be anything from a new offer, creating content for Abundant Boss Academy or simply mastering my craft. I tackle the big scary things FIRST before Facebook notifications have time to distract me.

Breaking free from procrastination is all about creating daily habits. So if you’re someone who sets goals and never gets to them, DO THE THING first in the morning that most scares you or requires most of your creative brain power.

From there – your day flows on easily and you’ve already had a win first thing, which is perfect for raising your energy and manifesting more goodness into your day.


One of the best things I’ve done to break free from procrastination and perfectionism is to set boundaries around social media. I installed a news feed blocker on Facebook, turned off all notifications for Instagram and only check my emails mid morning and afternoon.

Those little red notifications on Facebook are only pulling you away from what counts – which is doing the work.

If you feel pulled everywhere during the day, take a look at your boundaries around time. Are you focusing on the important things? Or are you letting social media swallow you?

The thing with social media is that it only feeds our perfectionist streak because we see all the other people doing all the other things, and we feel like we have to do it all too. Social media can make you compare yourself to others, and a perfectionist DOES NOT need that! Instead, select key times to engage on social media and spend your time doing the stuff that counts by focusing on your own version of success.


I’m a huge fan of simplicity and essentialism in my business and life. When I really struggling with perfectionism and procrastination, I noticed a lot of it stemmed from doing all the things, and being everywhere at once. I was confused in my business.

My mind was like “what do I do now? OMG I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO. I’ll just watch Netflix and pretend that my to do list doesn’t exist.”

When we’re trying to do all the things, we get stretched thin, and our brand looks confusing too. Instead, bring your focus back to your zone of genius and niche. What do you really want to be known for? What are the key offers you want to continue to master and sell?

Just do those things. Focus, focus, focus.


You wanna know what really breaks my heart? Seeing magic and value inside beautiful women that is lying dormant because of fear. The fear that we’ll be judged for not being perfect or that we’ll be seen as a fraud.

Actually getting your work and magic out there to your dream tribe is so much more important than tweaking the colours on your website for the 245th time.

>> It’s never going to be perfect because what the fuck is perfect anyway?

>> You’re always a work in progress, so let yourself continue to master and uplevel your stuff as you go

>> When you hold yourself back from taking action, you’re not only doing yourself a disservice, you’re doing your tribe a disservice too

Do the work. Take action. Get your stuff out. Then tweak as you go.

Tweak and improve is my motto.

If you’re ready to bust through procrastination and perfectionism, drop a comment below and join the recovering perfectionist tribe (we’ve got coffee and donuts!)

Jenna x

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    August 10, 2017 at 10:42 am

    Coffee and donuts? I’m in! 🙂 For real though, I’ve always struggled with perfectionism. Now, though, I put a focus on being detail-oriented rather than perfect. It allows me to be true to myself and my craft and while also moving forward at the same time. Thank you for this great reminder!

    • mm
      Jenna Black
      August 10, 2017 at 10:46 am

      I love that approach Kayla! Glad this resonated with you 🙂

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