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The Abundant Boss | Jenna Black | Money Mindset Mentor
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How to have awkward money conversations with clients

Awkward money conversations are a part of being a boss,…

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4 signs you’re ready to increase your prices

Thinking you’d like to increase your prices and get some…

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2017 guide abundant business

An epic guide to make 2017 your most abundant business year yet

There’s something so magical about the start of a new…

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make friends with fear

Why it’s ok to not be ‘fearless’ and to make friends with fear instead

The word fearless bugs me. Not because it isn’t attainable…

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Hi fellow girlboss! My mission is to help you abundantly grow your self worth + net worth by changing your money mindset and slaying your self doubt. It's time to create a business + life that you love!

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