Abundant Boss | Jenna Black | Money Mindset Mentor
Abundant Boss | Jenna Black | Money Mindset Mentor
tools productive business

The tools I use to stay in flow and productive in my business

One of my intentions this year is to stay focused and aligned to my vision, and not get distracted by the outside world (yep, easier…

money making boundaries

3 Money Making Boundaries For Your Business

Feeling like you need a refresher on your boundaries in your business? It can be easy to slide off track and suddenly find yourself stretched…

attract abundance into your business

20 creative ways to attract abundance into your business

If things are feeling tight, frustrating and overwhelming in your business, you’ll love the following 20 tips and practical ideas to attract more abundance, money…

abundant boss

How to take a break without losing money or momentum

Taking a break in your business is as essential as my morning coffee (pretty damn essential). But, taking a break doesn’t mean sacrificing money or…

abundant boss

How to have awkward money conversations with clients

Awkward money conversations are a part of being a boss, but luckily there’s a few ways to handle them without stumbling over your words or…

increase your prices

4 signs you’re ready to increase your prices

Thinking you’d like to increase your prices and get some more abundance flowing into your biz? If you’re reading this, you’re probably due for an…